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All things fitness & a healthy lifestyle, photography, reading, dogs - and animals of all kinds, craft beer, DIY crafts, music, tv & movies, camping and spending quality time with family & friends.

Hello I'm Elissa! I have been a visual person for as long as I can remember. From a young age I was mesmerized by graphics and video. Especially how they are edited together to tell a visual story. I decided I wanted to learn how to create my own visuals - so I began to explore and practice with the Adobe programs. I instantly fell in love and wanted to learn more! So I chose to expand my knowledge of graphic design by studying it in college. From there I was hired as a graphic artist at a screen printing and embroidery company. During the last 5 years I have learned so much and my passion for design continues to grow each and every day. I am constantly looking to learn more and help others create their own visual aesthetic. I am so glad you are here and I am looking forward to working together!

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